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    Bahawalpur - 1904 Birth of Heir Apparent Medal


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    I have had for some years one of these medals in bronze/copper but missing its suspension - see below.

    Recently I have been offered 'as is' a silver and bronze/copper examples of the medals complete with suspension. I am well aware that over the years a number of the Bahawalpur series of medals have been copied or reproduced. To be fair to vendor, with whom I have excellent dealings over many years, he has stated the pair are 'as is' and he makes no claim as to their status.

    Perhaps one of you may have a view? My 'gut feel' is that the pair have a more recent past.

    Kind regards,



    Bahawalpur 1904 Obverse.jpg

    Bahawalpur 1904 Reverse.jpg

    Bahalwalpur 1904 Birth Bronze Obverse.jpg

    Bahalwalpur 1904 Birth Bronze Reverse.jpg

    Bahalwalpur 1904 Birth Silver Obverse.jpg

    Bahalwalpur 1904 Birth Silver Reverse.jpg

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    Great to see you back on line.

    What do you think? Are the one with suspension original? They look different to my 'without' suspension piece - mine has higher definition - e.g. moustache and epaulettes.  I think they are copies???


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    Owain, These may well be copies---original details [hair, necklaces, awards] look more like your post 1 example in my experience.  Do these offerings have a swivel suspension?  Of the handful I've handled, most have swivel suspensions, well defined 'claws' and thin circumference rims.   Compare with https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/baldwins/catalogue-id-srbal10013/lot-65390621-7009-49d7-a50b-a441017750b3  or  http://www.royalark.net/Pakistan/bahawal9.htm.   An example in the Bahawal Museum in 1987 had what appeared to be a 1911 Delhi Durbar medal type swivel suspension, however. 

    Still if the price is right these might be useful as fillers...   

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    Thanks for the Saleroom link - this example - see below (copyright Baldwins), and indeed the 'royalark' example - see below (copyright royalark), are like my suspensionless example. A visible difference is the tail on the Q of Sadiq on the reverse upper inscription - it extends both ways on the 'original' and the lower inscription Sadiq Q has a longer tail on the 'original'. Yes, the pair on offer would be nice as fillers but the price of $100 and $600 respectively does not make them a sensible purchase.  Owain

    Bahawalpur 1904 Coinex 2013.jpg



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