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    Can someone Translate the back of this postcard???

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    • 1 year later...

    If the original text is in either Dutch or Afrikaans I might be able to help you since Afrikaans is my first language and Dutch is similar enough to make it easy to grasp meanings.

    If you could perhaps post a picture of the postcard so we could read from left to right it will make things a lot easier since the handwriting makes it a bit uncomfortable holding your neck to the side while trying to decipher the text.

    Kind regards,

    Wessel Gordon








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    It´s from son Max to his mother. The photo on the card was taken in Bad Nauheim.

    He thanks his familiy for taking care of Jenny (his wife or girlfriend, I presume) so well.

    He is well, too.

    That´s basically it.


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