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    Medal Bar & Chain Evaluation Needed

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    Hello All,
    I have the opportunity to purchase this handsome medal bar and 57er chain and want to ask for some assistance in evaluating its value. The far right medal is a Romanian medal and dated 1917 on its reverse. Any help is always appreciated.





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    Last item, a Queen Marie Cross [aka Order of Queen Marie] 2nd class, recognized civil and war time medical work merits and service.  The award, established in 1917 in 3 classes, was revised in 1938 with minor cross design changes and addition of gold thread edge stripes to the original solid yellow ribbon.  Source:  Dr. Klietmann PHALERISTIK RUMANIEN, 1975.

    Your example appears to be a 2nd class awarded between 1917 and 1938.  Of course, prices depend greatly on any number of factors.  These may sell in the £75-£100 price range as a single.  Miniatures might go for as much as £25-50.

    You probably have a fair idea of the value of the rest of the group.    



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    Hello Sir,

    Thank you for your information on the Queen Marie medal. I have been out of medal bar collecting for several years and could use your help determining a fair price for this medal bar and chain group. If you have a minute please give me your opinion on its value today.

    Many thanks,


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