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    1914-15 Star Dublin?

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    2B was Gallipoli at that time. Arthur was in famous D Company.


    Born in Belfast. Son of late Major E.T.Meredith, RE. Mercantile Marine. One of the reserves disembarked from Mudros.

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    "Would the Balkan theater not be Salonika? Or is that "Asia" on the cards? Not well versed in the MICs"

    Interestng question, which occurred to me too but which I haven'ty followed up yet.  It's entirely possible, given the British imperial view of the globe that anywhere 'east of Suez' or, in ths case, east of Malta, was 'Asia' for official purposes: solar topis, cholera belts and all those other jolly bits which made the Empire so grand. ;)


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    For disembarkations up to 31 December 1915

    These codes generally apply to men who won the 1914 or 1914-15 Star, but not those who only won the British War Medal/Victory Medal pair. [My thanks to Jonathan Saunders for helping complete this list].

    • 1 Western Europe
    • 2 Balkan Theatre
      a) Greek Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria
      b ) Gallipoli and Aegean Islands
    • 3 Egyptian Theatre
    • 4 African Theatre
      a) British East Africa, German East Africa, Rhodesia, Nyasaland and Uganda
      b) German South West Africa
      c) Kamerun (Cameroon)
      d) Togoland
      e) Caprivi Zipfel Rhodesia
    • 5 Asiatic Theatre
      a) Mesopotamia and Bushire
      b ) South West Arabia
      c) Aden
      d) Muscat (Musquat)
      e) Seistan
      f) Tochi Valley
      g) Hafiz
      h) Katlang, Rastam and Swati
      i) Landekai Ridge
      j) Perim
      k) Kalat
      l) Katchin Hills
      m) Tsing-Tau (note: this has been observed as 5h on medal index cards for some men of the 2nd South Wales Borderers)
    • 6 Australasian Theatre
      a) German New Guinea including
      b) Nauru
      c) German Samoa

    For disembarkations from 1 January 1916

    • 1A France and Belgium
    • 1B Italy
    • 2A Greek Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria or European Turkey
    • 2B Gallipoli
    • 3 Russia (up to 1/2 July 1920)
    • 4A Egypt (up to 18/19 March 1916)
    • 4B Egypt (from 18/19 March 1916)
    • 5A East Africa, Nyasaland and Northern Rhodesia
    • 5B South West Africa
    • 5C Cameroon
    • 5D Nigeria
    • 5E Togoland
    • 6A Hejaz
    • 6B Mesopotamia
    • 6C Persia
    • 6D Trans-Caspia
    • 6E South West Arabia
    • 6F Aden
    • 6G Frontier regions of India
    • 6H Tsing-tau
    • 7A New Britain
    • 7B New Ireland
    • 7C Kaiser Wilhelmland
    • 7D Admiralty Islands
    • 7E Nauru
    • 7F German Samoa
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