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    group pic hospital - ranks? caps? Freikorps?

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    Hi again.

    I would have a question to the shown pic. As you know, i do not understand much about uniforms and Uniformteile.

    Some of that wounded guys are wearing armshields - i can see a black cross on white ground (guy in the last line)

    The guy in the middle of the front line wears a silvered WB and a ribbon bar to the IC. He also wears an armshield and on his right arm a silvered stripe.

    What does the stripe mean?

    Some of the guys are wearing dead heads on their caps. They are looking like the SS ones. Are they from the Eiserne Division?

    One guy is wearing a MG sharpshooter´s badge.

    What means the sign ^ (open triangle) on a uniform? Is it a rank?

    Thanks for help.

    zähringer 1.tif

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    Hello ixhs, Strange group. The man seated beside the nurse is probably a military doctor with long trousers and shoes. the man seated at the extreme right is a patient with pajama trousers and slippers . the man in the middle of the front line is a NCO probably a senior one . his uniform is of clean cut and the NCO braid is visible on his collar .not visibles are the button at the back of the collar and the officer swordknot of a Vizefeldwebel . the wounded badge was oval and the man carries a disc . the line of braid over the cuffs was part of the rank insignia for senior NCOs . Very curious is the man at the extreme right upper row, he wears a soldier cap with a civilian dress of open jacket and shirt and tie. one man wears a visor cap with nocockades , the dead heads were carried until 1918 by the Infantry Regiment 92 and the Hussars Regiment 17 ,both of Brunswick. and by the two Leibhusaren Regimente both of Prussia . to me are Freikorps

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    Thank you very much, again. Yes, a kind of strange guys.

    I think the pic would be taken in 1919/20 in the upper silesian region and in a hospital.

    The armshield with the cross seems to be "Grenzschutz Ost".

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    My pleasure, Yes the grenzschutz Ost weared a withe shiel with a black cross , and the chevron on the forearm of one of the men was a type of rank badge . the Freikorps units weared a variety of uniforms and badges , the rank insignias used by the Freikorps men not ever were of the old Army , except the officers and career NCOs .

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