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    Characters on Ottoman marine saber with questions


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    Hi Gents,

    a friend has asked me for help in determining the characters, but unfortunately I could not help him.

    I hope that someone out here can help.

    I think photo 1 and 2 are tughras, but from whom?



    With cipher 3 I have no idea.


    Any help appreciated.

    Kind regards


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    Hello Andreas;

    Yes, you are right.  The first two certainly are Tughras -Sultan Tughras.  Likely, Mehmed V, if it is from the WWI period.  To identify them, Tughras are individual and the detailed line work could be compared to known Sultan Tughras.

    Otherwise, if the date of the saber's construction is known, then the Turghra would belong to the Sultan who ruled at that time period. 

    (However, from the small amount of the construction/decoration that you are showing us, I think this saber was likely made during the 1909-18 era.)

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    On 27/07/2018 at 08:57, demir said:


    Tugra of Mehmed V Reşad.



    Hi Demir,

    thanks for the link and for the determination of the tughra,

    very much appreciated.

    Does someone know, 

    what the meaning of the sign on foto 3 is?

    Kind regards



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