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    Fantastic Marine Korps Sturmtrupp/Abteilung

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    A very nice shot with grenade bags, wire cutters etc. etc.

    Hard to read the back, but I got the "Dear Mother, look after the photo, do not give it to anyone, it may be a last sign of life"... the rest is really hard to read... cannot figure out the guys name....ma1.jpg.45f7789aab65946e1796e760e1dd77c1.jpgma2.thumb.jpg.24e454ff0a37c603dc1d2f0357db0c2f.jpgma3.thumb.jpg.9f7a4aff4a10db312d90ab51e10cc027.jpg

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    Great photo! I agree with Dave´s "translation".

    Here is a bad-quality-photo from my collection. Note the Sturmabteilung cap-bands!

    The writer wears my last-name...

    Feldpost 837 belonged to the 1st Naval Division.

    I found a Paul Bauer (Marine-Grenadier) in the casualty lists, but I don´t know, if it could be him...


    The "Sturmabteilung des Marinekorps" was set-up in mid-1918 by "Generalkommando des Marinekorps Brügge".

    So I´m alittle bit puzzled, that your photo is dated summer/autumn 1917!

    Probably in that time the unit was stil not budgetary.

    Actions 1918: Coastal protection and battles in Flanders.

    Sturmabteilung Marinekorps (1).jpg

    Sturmabteilung Marinekorps (2).jpg

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