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    Bavarian Leibregiment find....

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    This is from a family stash (not found by me)

    The guy served before the war, I am guessing he was a reservist at the outbreak, then continued in the Verein after the war. i have no idea where he served during the war.

    We see the typical Leib Regt Rosette top right, then a variation with a starbust rosette... some crown removed from shoulderboards, at the bottom a row of medaillon for participating in fiels excersises 1905-1910... in the miiddle a rosette with its crown loose, and a harp in its place, I am thinking maybe for members of the regt band... all in all a nice "stash"... I wih I had the guys name....xxbling.thumb.jpg.23713d7c5a30eda2266969fa86b0e5a3.jpg

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    39 minutes ago, ccj said:

    Nice find Chris

    I’d love to find an edelweiss cap badge. 



    Hi, the uni colored one is from the 60s, marking the 150th birthday of the regiment, the one with the crown is probably just postwar, for the veterans of the LeibRegiment

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