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Researching details of French pilot


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Hi all. I'm currently ressearching our "Mort pour la france" in my village. I have a particular interest in the pilot Louis Pierrot born 7 may 1894 and died 27 July 1917 in a flying accident with his observer. If anyone could  help me, would really appreciate it. NB New member here so I am abit lost. Hope this is the right place to post. Would be great to find what aircraft he was flying. I have been told it was a Farman F50 but I don't think that is possible as they had not entered service at the time of his death.


Scan_20180923 (2).jpg

Scan_20180923 (3).jpg

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Hi Dave and Harry, thanks for the replies. I will have to re-scan the documents as I see now the quality is terrible. Don't know quite what happened there. The brief mention that you have found Dave, is great. Every bit of information helps. The was somebody researching Mr PERRIOT a few years ago on this site going by the name of "Chester Piglet". Another Englishman living in France I believe near Lurcy Levis, but I don't know how to contact other members on this forum. Perhaps I haven't earnt the right yet as I'm still an unproven newbie.

Thanks for your help guys. News scans will arrive shortly.

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