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    Military Compass?

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    Hi I was wondering if someone would be able to let me know about this compass.  Initially I thought it was WW2 era but now I think it is later but not 100% I can't see any makers mark basically I know nothing about it, so was hoping someone on here does... :) Thanks for your help :) 




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    I am no expert on this subject but if this was an issued prismatic compass I would expect to see the Broad Arrow War Office mark on it somewhere, (normally on the base). The issued examples I have seen do not have the green NESW letters on them either, however this, could of course, be a privately purchased item.

    Best regards Simon.

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    A 'sighting compass', which allows to user to sight on multiple points, mark the bearing of each and plot his position, and their positions [if he moves between sightings] on a map.  Used by Gunners and infantry officers but also by civil engineers, 'timber cruisers' in the north woods and so on.  More elaborate versions are used to make naval charts, as the can be used to determine bearing and distance to other objects from an unmarked location such as the middle of a bay or battlefield.

    I don't think it's military - no markings.  Lovely piece though. 

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