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    Kriegsmarine Shoulderboards

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    Hello , In the Prussian Army existed the Kapitulant . It was a trooper who after the two or three years of his Military Service willingly decided to stay in the Army (Kapitulation ) for Four more years , prorrogable to twelve in total. these Kapitulanten weared on the base of the shoulder board two silber bars , In the Reichswehr all the troopers were volunteers . In the Wehrmacht Heer a least the Kapitulant reappeared.The strange with your SBs is that are for a NCO and the kapitulanten were troopers up to Gefreiter . 

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      I knew I had seen these (or ones similar) before, but could not at first,  remember.

      I went to my, old set of 3 Books, by John Angola, On the WW II German Navy.

      I looked in:   "Die Kriegsmarine",  the first Volume.....Page140 and Lo and Behold I see "Kriegsoffizieranwarter",  wartime Officer Candidate Shoulder straps that have 2 Gold tress loops at the bottom of the shoulder strap, going across the bottom of the  the Senior NCOs strap. 

     This is Indicating a Senior NCO, that is an Officer Candidate and has gone to school and written and passsed the qualifying test and has not yet received his promotion to Officer He is also entitled to wear these shoulder straps and wear his dagger with a knot ( portapee).

      These straps, with additional tress, Could be in the Blue Uniform or in the Green Uniform for Navy Artillery

    I hope that this is helpful?

    Sabelwerke            Michael

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