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    Buff Belt QVC Buckle?

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    I bought some trench art that arrived the other day and this was in the bottom of the box, I'm guessing this is a Buff belt but I've not seen the belt buckle before I think its Queen Victoria Crown but I was wondering which regiments wear this? or it is a standard belt that all regiments can wear. the buckle seems good quality the belt is small I don't know it if this is a genuine item or not.. was surprised to it in the box. so hoping someone could help me :)








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    You see old Cabinet cards from many Units with these being worn, you would need to check clothing regulations for exact details. From what can be seen in the images the buckle looks to be real to me although they are not uncommon.

    Regards Simon.

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    A nice bonus then!  And a buckle 'worn with pride', or at least brick dust.  These used to be fairly common even this side of the Great Salty and I think some of the Canadian militia units still issue them to bands and colour parties who wear the uniforms of that period on occasion.  

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