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    Finland unknown badge with No. 27?

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    Hello Gents

    Please help me with the identification of this badge. I have some infos but need a clarification.

    I was told that this is the badge of Finland defence forces, and it's some kind of medal of honor. Please tell me in what period was it bestowed and the rarity of the badge. Any info is appriciated!! The badge is Finish made and numbered.


    Best regards




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    This is the "Panssarijääkäriristi" or the Cross of Armoured Jaegers. This badge of merit is awarded to personel and conscripts of the Armoured Jaeger units for good service.

    Number 27 is releted to the 27th Royal Prussian Jeager Battalion. This Imperial German unit trained Finns during the First World War before Finland's independency. These Finns, usually refered as "Jääkäri" Jaeger returned to Finland and took part in the Finnish War of Liberty Winter-Spring 1918. They were important part of White side of the war serving mostly as junior officers (the other side were Reds, they lost...). In this number "font" 2 and 7 are of same form - just invert one to get the other - this is also old tradition from 27th R.P.B. The original Jeagers were awarded special Jaeger Badge with similar center piece as in this item.

    Green is infantry color in Finland, yellow piping (with green main color) is for Jaegers, black is armoured units' color.

    Most Finnish Defence force units which are training conscripts (and few other units) have their own "unit crosses" ("joukko-osastoristi" in Finnish). Usually the unit is brigade, regiment or sometimes battalion. Basic form is same (metal cross with screw/nut in the backside) and worn on low right side on one's tunic (etc.). These are mostly not very rare but quite collectable items here in Finland. This decoration is fairly new, (1980s?) but there are few older crosses.

    Greeting from a new member from Finland


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