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Freikorps Elisabeth TK ?

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I have obtained what I believe to be a rare Freikorps, Elisabeth sleeve Totenkopf. It is very large measuring approximately 7cm high by 5.5cm wide. It has crisp beautiful detail with an almost golden patina. The skull itself is very unique in that it has a large bulbous cranium with deep brows. I came across a period photograph circa 1919 showing what appears to be this type of skull on a Freikorps uniform sleeve, posted by Robin Lumsden on another thread. I hope the experts on this forum can confirm this for me. In the meantime consider this a photographic study of a rarely seen skull. If I'm wrong, then at least I felt like I hit the TK lottery for a little while.
Enjoy, Al




Here are some photo's with a variety of Danziger & Traditions skulls for size comparison










A group photo with my collection



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Sorry. Not even close. I'm not sure what this weird, distorted, ugly ape-like skull is or if it's even German. It certainly isn't Freikorps. If German, it could be some sort of comical carnival piece. I can't see it being German military.

The Freiwilligen-Kompagnie Elisabeth skull is basically a large version of the Brunswick skull (like the one on the left in the comparison photo on the black background).

Also, as an aside, the two skulls looking at each other in the second from the bottom photo are fantasy pieces. These turn up all the time on eBay as either Freikorps or Minenwurfer sleeve badges. But, no such badge ever existed in either WWI or during the Freikorps period IMO.

Given the popularity of skulls, all kinds of fakes, fantasies and general crap are saturating the market.


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Thank you for the photo of the real skull, I had no visual comparison and was basing it on the B&W picture. As for the two skulls you are referring two as being fantasy you are incorrect. They are original Spanish Cavalry skulls of the Lusitania regiment prior to the civil war. I am aware that cast fakes exist of this model and were marked with fake SS markings as a fantasy piece. I'll provide some pictures for clarification











also adopted during the civil war by the Death's head battalion and use as cap or uniform insignia

Death's Head Battalion (9).jpg

Death's Head Battalion (7).jpg

Death's Head Battalion (6).jpg

Death's Head Battalion (13).jpg

This is the fake cast being sold on ebay based on this original Spanish skull



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Thanks for the information. I stand corrected in that they existed and were used in Spain. But, as I said they are very often sold on German eBay as German and that's from where I drew my incorrect conclusion.

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Very interesting ! Its amazing how the busbies are identical to the contemporary German Hussars busbies .Infante Don Fernando de Baviera y Borbon , was a first cousin and brother in law of King Alfonso XIII.

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