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    Romanian Loyal Service Medal

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    From my research there appears to be three different models of this award.  One without the crown; one with the crown; and one with swords and the crown.  The one with the swords and the crown would indicate the military side of this award.  But why have two different civil awards?  Who would have been awarded the one without the crown and the one with the crown?  Please ignore the ribbons.  These are just illustrations from the web to illustrate my point.







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    2 hours ago, Gordon Craig said:


    Hi Gordon

    This is old type of the medal with the coat of arms in use until 1922 (and it should also have a surmounting crown). The other ones are of the type used during WWII.

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    You're welcome, Gordon. Here is more on the history of the medal. It was originally established in 1878 as a two class award and was reorganised as a three class award in 1932. The wartime awards (with swords) were introduced in 1937, also in a three-class system. 

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