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    Hello Chris, To me they are in the Carpathians, The Dolomites were more abrupts virtually all peaks and narrow gorges . Regarding to the Carnic Alps they are very rocky . The Carpathian Mounts were lower and more soft sic in appareance. 

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    I've never been to the Carpathians, but to me the Carpathian battle areas, even on the mountains, seemed to have more trees in the period WWI photos I've seen.

    So, I'll offer another possibility.  Julian Alps - Isonzo Front.  I've climbed several times the mountains near Kobarid/Caparetto and Mt. Krn.  Actually, went up Mt. Krn on 11 Nov 2004 in the snow.  The valley we started in looked exactly like those in these photos as did the peaks.  The Julians are just south of the Carnic Alps - now the border of Slovenia/Italy - and they are generally more rounded - although there are some jagged peaks.  These photos also look very similar to WWI period photos I have seen (which are a lot) of the Isonzo Front.

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    Hello ,I had forgotten the Julian Alps , Irish Gunner possibility is suitable.

    Something else ,there is a italian war film of 1970, Uomini contro la Guerra, the plot is about the first world war in the Asiago Plateau ,were a Italian Division lead by a foolish General suffers badly. The film was realized In the then Yugoslavia due to the opossition of the Italian Army. the field scenes were filmed in the Slovene Alps

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