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    I am not big on the "Ghoulfactor" when it comes to collecting so I definately did not buy this for that reason, it was only after I recieved it that I examined the liner... It seems to have a splinter through the outside, then through the liner, and the liner has been discolored and distored by what I assume are bodily fluids. It was a Barn find in France and is stamped to the 1. Jäger Battalion. The Chin strap is also very interesting.


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    11 minutes ago, Bayern said:

    Hello , Looks fine, not from the Kammer , general good manufacture and quality coat of Arms with the Reserve cross .One year Volunteer ?


    it is a kammerstück, prewar. (I have to check the date when I get home, stamped to the 1st Bavarian Jäger Batl. What is intereting is the chin strap... is is the unique Bavarian Reserve M1896 Chinstrap. The site kaisersbunker has an article showing the strap

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