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    Royal Marine WW1 TRIO w/ LSGC Medal

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     Hello Gentleman,  

     Hello All,   I'm seeking to determine the approximate value an WW1 Royal Marine 1914 - 15 TRIO, with a LSGC ? Everything is correctly named to a 'Trumpeter' in the RM Band. It includes what appears to be his Service File, & shows that he served on numerous vessels during the War. He was present at Jutland, although his assigned ship wasn't really involved in any of the action. Could anyone PLEASE advise you as to this groups approximate value ? I have a chance to own it, but I 'd like to be sure about it's relative value. THANK YOU

          Best,   dpast32



           THANK YOU, Gentleman 

          Best,   Dom  /  dpast32@aol.com

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    A very quick look shows two perhaps comparable groups:

    WWI Trio and Navy LSGC to K.19832 A. Gilson, L. Sto[ker], HMS Cumberland $350.00

    WWI 1914 Mons Star Trio & LSGC Medal to MacKenzie RFA GBP L225.00 = $290

    Presumably a bit of a premium for the extra rarity of the RN group.  A site called medalsofengland.com  seems to have a fair selection of RN groups if you wanted to check there.  Perhaps a UK member could comment on that firm's prices and reliability.  

    Good luck!


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    THANK YOU Guys,   That's kind of what I was thinking. He was in the R.M. from 1907 to circa 1922 or so. I can grab the group for $190 USD, which I figured wasn't too bad of a price. I may see if I can still snag it. I'll keep everyone posted. THANKS Gents !!

          Best,    Dom

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