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I have the following engraved on a badge....

Schmalschläger s.l Hörmann z. Erg. an den verhängnisvollen Flug 16 x 16

My poor translation indicates it is to remember some sort of fateful flight. What is the s.l and z. Erg stand for?

I have found 2 Schmalschläger and 2 Hörmann but can not link the 2 (if in fact I have the correct people)

Thanks in advance.

Gary B

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this information is from the Bavarian casualty list  #315   dated 10. November 1916

 Flieger Abteilung 2

 Oblt. (5. Chev. Regts.) Benedikt Schmalschläger – München  - leicht verwundet

 Ltn. d.R. d. Fliegertr. Ludwig Hörmann – München – schw. verw.

 I think it is safe to say these are the individuals on your badge- given by Schmalschläger to Hörmann

No doubt there is more information on both on ancestry.com in the Bavarian Stammlisten



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