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    Opinions on this Belgian Rhine land occupation medal

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    I got myself this set of medals from a house clearing yesterday.

    I do know the first Rhine land occupation medal post WWII period.

    But I didn't know the palms medal, apparently commemorating the post WWI Rhine land occupation....

    I would like to read your comments regarding this particular medal (and its ribbon!).


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    This is a new medal to me but I found this comment on DRACO's site on the web.
    Belgium: Palms for the Occupation of
    Rhineland. Veteran's unofficial award for the participants of the Belgian Occupational Forces of Rhineland after the end of the two World Wars. Besides of the Palms there also exist 2 other unoffical awards (Crosses) for the occupation of Rhineland. The Palms however is the one most rarely seen.
    post WW2 1940 - 1945

    Here is the picture of this medal from the DRACO site with a different ribbon than on the one you posted pictures of.





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    I have seen different palm medals up to know and none had a similar ribbon...All different ribbons

    And a new type of medal showed up as well...

    I am waiting for a authorization to use the guy's picture.

    Here it is.

    3 different medals (for the Rhine land occupation)can be seen here, all belonged to the same person.


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    Hey Gordon,

    the permission I was waiting for, referred to the picture  I did post.

    The permission came rather quickly and my message was emerged to my previous one.

    So that is all there is to see...but all ready quiet interesting to see 3 different models of the medal in one pic .

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    Hello Stuka,

    Found the attached medals on the net  with three different ribbons…..unfortunately without the documents. The medal I attached in previous message was given in 2013, so not that long ago. The medals I attached now are older.

    You must know the Rhine veteran organisation was erected in 1929 and changed many times her name, the name was Bond der Oudgedienden van het Bezettingsleger/ Féderation des Anciens de l' Armee d'Occupation. Later in 1931, an other name occurs: Oude Rijnwacht /Ancienne Garde au Rhin. Sometimes I wonder if it was the same organisation….. In 1935 a name exist: Bond der Oudgedienden van het Rijnleger/Fedération des Anciens de l' Armee du Rhin, which is nearly the name of the first name. I use the names which are used in documents.( member cards or medal documents, I found). Then we have WWII.....

    After WWII we got an new occupation army in Germany. The "Oude Rijnwacht" is changed into Nationale Bond Oude Rijnwacht/ Féderation Nationale Ancienne Garde au Rhin. They reorganise their veteran organisation and the name change once more into Federatie der Oudgedienden van de Rijn/Federation Nationale des Anciens du Rhin . Meanwhile the organisations have their own ( non -official) medals.

    Later, since a lot of Belgian Regiments are in Germany, some organisations want to  unite in one association. In 1947 the NUOB , Nationale Unie der Oudgedienden van de Bezettingslegers/ 'L Union Nationale des Anciens des Armées d'Occupation ( UNAO) was erected. In  1955, the German Army (West Germany) becomes part of the NATO and the name of the Belgian occupation army is changed into Belgische Strijdkrachten in Duitsland... BSD. The old name of the Association  does not suits anymore and now we got the Nationale Unie der Oudgedienden en van de Belgische Strijdkrachten in Duitsland ( NUOB-BSD) or in french Union Nationale des Anciens des Armées d'Occupation et des Forces Belges en Allemagne.   Again a lot of new ( non -official) medals are made.

    In 2005 BSD comes to an end and the name of the Association changes again. Now we have : Koninklijke Nationale unie van de Bezettingslegers in Duitsland, de Belgische strijdkrachten in Duitsland en buiten de grenzen , Royale Union Nationale des Armées d' Occupation, des forces Belges en Allemagne et hors Fronti2res, (RUNAO-FBA-HF).

    in 2010, for the last time ( so far...) another change into Koninklijke Federatie der Militairen in het Buitenland (KFMB) or  Féderation Royale des Militaires a l'Etranger, FRME.

    Again, every Association has it's own medals.

     I hope the  information is exact, you see it's quite complicated. So far there are no catalogues of non official  Belgian medals. meanwhile we have to do our own research. 



    Here some other medals of that Belgian occupation army through the ages. Pic used  from forum Medaille.Be (with respect)



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