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    Can someone read this Kurrentschrift page?

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    Normally, I don't have a problem reading Kurrentschrift. But, I'm having trouble with some of the text, especially in the middle of the page because of the handwriting. It seems he was taking some kind of course which maybe had something to do with machining and perhaps types of airplane engines. But, that is a wild guess because there are too many gaps that I can't fill in. I may be way off.

    Is there anyone who can please give me a hand?




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    The middle part has two words, I can't decipher.

    Landsturmpflichtiger Rekrut Kleine wurde am 14.11.17 zur FEA5, 3. Kompanie und am 3.1.18 zur diess(eitigen) Werftkompanie versetzt.
    Kommandos: vom 28.2.18 - 2.5.18 zur ??Masch ??? Oberursel zum ??? Germ??? Kursus kommandiert.
    Ausgebildet als Mot(oren) Schlosser a (m) Type U und UR.
    Am 11.9.18 zum I. Ers. Batl. Füs(ilier) Regiment 73 nach Hannover versetzt
    ( stellv(ertretend) Gen(eral) Kommando X A(rmee)K(orps) Ia 59570 vom 31.8.18)
    k v (kriegsverwendungsfähig) nicht tropendienstfähig Z.1.Z.39

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    Fantastic! Thank you very much to both spolei and speedytop for your help.


    This all makes sense as he was previously in Hannover Pionier Batl. 10 and afterwards was in an Eisenbahn-Bau Kompagnie in Panzerzug III, Freikorps Hulsen responsible for armor-plating the train and other construction duties.

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