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    Photomerge/photomanipulation projects


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    Greetings, I wanted to share with the forum some works I have done.  There have been several artists that have received national attention.  I got inspired a couple of years ago and decided to give my hand a chance at creating some images.   So here I go..



    demjansk .jpg

    Luftwaffe with metal eagle


    Luftwaffe .jpg

    Brandenburg gate then and now.

    Brandenburg Photomerge JustinG.png

    Cholm battle

    Cholm Merge.jpg

    Narvik Tribute.jpg

    Schlachtschiff Gneisenau

    Schlachtschiff Gneisenau photomerge JustinG.jpg

    Munich Photomerge

    munich photomerge 1.jpg

    Munich continued

    finished Munich JustinG.jpg

    Aircrew medal. 

    Thanks for looking.

    Best Regards,


    Aircrew medal art.png

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    I personally use Sketchbook Pro.  I would love to learn to use Adobe® Photoshop, but most of the videos and instructions there seems to be a big learner gap in what is presented and what is currently the layout and functionality of the program.  I also use a  Wacom® 22" HD Touch tablet.


    Best Regards,


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