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    Oberleutnant Seeler - Meckl. Füs.-Reg. Nr. 90

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    Good evening,

    I am looking for any information about this man. He was Oberleutnant in 1913 and had a KO4 and MG3.

    I am especially looking for his awards and his career post 1914 until death.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much!

    Best regards


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    Here is his short career:


    Paul Seeler  (30.10.1879-11.10.1914)

    11.10.14            b. Urbantatschen gef.

    02.08.14-11.10.14   Führ. 2./Res. Inf. R. 5

    04.07.14-02.08.14   b. St. F./Gren. R. 5  (Danzig)

    19.06.14-04.07.14   überz. Hptm. in Füs. R. 90

    01.10.13-19.06.14   in 10./Füs. R. 90  (Rostock)

    17.12.08-01.10.13   Adj. d. Füs. R. 90  (Rostock)

    1906-17.12.08       Adj. II./Füs. R. 90  (Wismar)

    1905               in 6./Füs. R. 90  (Wismar)

    18.08.00-1904       in 3./Füs. R. 90  (Rostock)

    18.08.00            Leutn.

    16.11.99            Fähnr.

    Hptm.     19-06-14

    Oberlt.   27-01-10 N11n

    Leutn.    18-08-00 Z8z


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    Andy, thank you so much for the detailed information! A very short life, indeed.

    I thought with the pre-war KO4 and MG3, Seller could have been the original wearer of my ribbon bar. His death in 1914 sadly rules him out. Maybe the 7th ribbon is a not a KO4, but a Fridrichsorder?



    s-l1600 (1).jpg


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    It is possibly Artur August Anton Johannes Albert Sophus v. Müller from the 2.GUR. He had a prewar KO4 and received the MG3 from Mecklenburg-Strelitz on 21.7.1914, so after the publication of the 1914 rank list.

    He was promoted to Rittmeister on 8.11.1914 and served with DR 18 and as a Bataillons-Führer in an infantry regiment during the war. He received both the MMV1 and the BMV4X.

    He is not confirmed to have received the HOH3X. However, a Rittmeister v. Müller who was not Ludo from UR 5 or Harry from DR 7 was gazetted with the HOH3X in July 1918. I'm not sure if there were any other Rittmeisters v. Müller in 1918.

    He was born on 23.8.1882 in Groß Lunow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, and was killed there by the Soviets on 6.6.1945. 

    The Ehrenrangliste shows him as a Rittmeister a.D., while the 2006 edition of Gotha lists him as an Oberst a.D. I have not found him in any active Heer or Luftwaffe sources, so I assume he was a reserve officer or the like.

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    In the 1935 list of Ergänzungs Offiziere you'll find this entry.  The same holds true for the 1939 Stellenbestzung.  This could be your man.  Breithülen is in Württemberg.


    Name Rang Stelle RDA
    Müller, von Major (E) Vorst. d. Remonteamts Breithülen 01.06.1934
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    Hi Andy,

    I found this entry in the 1939 list:

    Major (E) 01.06.34 von MÜLLER Harry (Ltr. Remonteamt Breithülen) Oberst (01.07.42)

    It seems, that this man cannot be above mentioned Artur von Müller. Do you have a first name for your "von Müller"?


    Best regards



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    That's Harry. 

    29.06.35 Maj. (E) (RDA 01.06.34)

    01.04.39 Oberstlt.

    01.07.42 Oberst

    Other than two months (1.4.42-31.5.42) at the Heeresremonteamt Neu-Poserin, he remained at Breithülen throughout the war. Harry and Artur were brothers. Harry also had the BMV4X and MMV1, but no HOH3X or HH, nor the prewar awards, and as an E-Offizier received the Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung.

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