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1914 EK2 by AWS

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HI I recently added to my collection this 1914 EK2 with a wide frame

It is  - 44 mm wide with the 26.5 mm width of each arm which is 3mm more then the width of the arms of the standard cross by Godet on the right

The cross is not marked and the loop on top of the cross on the back is open -in a similar way as some of the 1939 EK2 with a "round 3"

It is with a iron core. It is interesting that its weight is less then the Godet's cross - 16.1 grams compared to 19.3 grams

I have seen couple of similar crosses in the past on sellers sites and they claimed to be made by AWS


Any opinions





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Those are two EK1 by AWS When I look the frame size and other features i can see some similarities with the EK2 I listed



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...or it could be Junker made

That is the frame of EK1 by Juncker 

...also the top of the EK2 where the loop is attached, resembles the 1939 EK2 by Juncker

Any idea?

Picture 581.jpg

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