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The Kleist family - epitome of German officer families - 30 PlM

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Members of the Kleist family an old noble family, originating in Hinterpommern, gathered in total 30 PlMs. They include 3 field marshals and 4 black eagle knights. That makes them for sure the epitome of German officer families. I can highly recommend to visit their Familienverband homepage. It's very informative: https://www.v-kleist.com/index.html

The PlM recipients were the following (list from the family homepage - I don't know why they are in the following order, seems like that origins from the book out of which the list was made):

1. Werner Heinrich - up from 1740?
2. Conrad Friedrich - 1742
3. Carl Wilhelm - 10th Feb 1742
4. Adolph Bogislaff - March 1760
5. Ewald Georg - 1742
6. Georg Ernst - 8th Dec 1757
7. Franz Ulrich - 1742
8. Friedrich Ludwig - 1753
9. Peter Christian - Nov 1757
10. Primislaff Ulrich - Oct 1756
11. Reimar - up from 1740
12. Friedrich Wilhelm Gottfried Arnd - Sept 1757
13. Wilhelm Heinrich 23rd Oct 1758
14. Hans Reimar - 22nd Sept 1789
15. Friedrich Wilhelm - Oct 1756 - 2nd award Aug 1787 (what means that???)
16. Ludwig Franz Philipp Christian - 17th Sept 1793
17. Friedrich Wilhelm Franz Philipp Christian Oct/Nov. 1787
18. Friedrich Ferdinand Heinrich Emil - 4th Dec 1792 - oakleave 31th March 1814
19. Friedrich Anton Ulrich Carl Leopold - 7th Jun 1794
20. Friedrich Carl Gottlob - 17th Dec 1807
21. Christoph Friedrich Anton Joachim - 16th Jul 1794
22. Franz Otto Kleist von Bornstedt - 7th Dec 1794
23. Louis Baron v. K. - Keyserlingk - 8th Feb 1808
24. Friedrich Christian Ewald - Dec 1813 - crown: 16th Nov 1865
25. Carl Friedrich - 1813/14
26. Ewald - 17th Sep 1866
27. Alfred - 18th Oct 1918
28. Henning Alexander - 16th Jul 1762
29. Henning Alexander - 1742
30. Zabel Georg - 1742
31. Peter - 13/18th Oct 1814 ???



Not to forget the Knightscross with Oakleaves and Swords bearer field marshal Ewald von Kleist

and Knightscross recipient  Major Jarislaff von Kleist-Retzow (found his name in the list of knightscross recipients, he should be also a member of the family, would be nice if someone has more information about him, e.g. his parents?)


The well-known writer Heinrich von Kleist was also a member of the family

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Between 1740 and 1763 in various wars the Kleist Family lost 53 men serving as officers in the Prussian Army. its convenient to note that is more correct speak of the von Kleist lineage or Name due to the fact that in modern sense existed many von Kleist Families .

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You're right, calling them all a family is a bit weird. There were and are a LOT of different lines and branches. 

In WW II 33 members were killed through action or bombing.

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Utgardloki, After WW2  at least 30 Land estates belonging to some Kleist branch were lost first at Russian Hands later at Polish ones . Other two Families of Landowners located at the East of the Elba river were notables for their number.The von Arnims and the von Bulows. 

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