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Ask For Help about a set of Order of Glory ⅡClass

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My friend bought this set days ago,and I suspect that this set of things is pieced together, not an original set.

 I only found the Red Star was awarded in 16.5.1945 and it's file online. Didn't found the Order of Glory 2nd & 3rd'file.

And in Red star'award document we can see it wrote that this lady Didn't got any medals or orders before,but the Order of Glory 2nd & 3rd'number is very small,I think they are issued much earlier than Red Star, which is unreasonable.

What do You think?





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I am afraid your suspicion is well founded... You should always be very careful and cautious about the awards appearing last in the award booklet. In these case I see different handwriting for both order of Glory entries. Plus online check shows only Red Star for this female veteran. 

Could you show the reverses of the Glory orders in good resolution?

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This set is pieced together,after searching through the number of the second class order of in the archives, the second and third class order of Glory belongs to two different people, and only the red star belongs to the female warrior.

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yes I also agree the group is made up

the numbering is different both in ink as well hand writing.

Also the OGIII would have been awarded between late December 1944 and February 1945 so that also would make the dates on the award booklet suspect


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