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Help Required with Two WW1 Medals VAD - Voluntary Aid Detachment

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I have been able to do a bit of research on these medals but the rest seems to be behind a pay wall. 

Both the War medal and Victory medal are named the same - E Colbert VAD. The only person with that name and detachment seems to be an Elizabeth Colbert who joined the Voluntary Aid Detachment in 1914. 

The two medals also came with a Worker's or Women's Volunteer badge numbered 100348 manufactured by Gaunt London.

Is there any way to gather more information to determine if I indeed have the right person and also more information on person themselves?

Thank you.



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All I can say is that Voluntary Aid Detachment members were eligible for the BWM and VM, according to the statutes.  Perhaps some of our British or SA members will have leads for further research.

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Found in FMP...….  Mike

First name(s) Elizabeth
Last name Colbert
Year 1916
Birth year -
Rank V.A.D. Nurse
Address Main Street, Lismore.
County Waterford
County as transcribed Co Waterford
Country Ireland
Engagement date 18/10/1916
Pay at engagement £20. p.a.
Termination date 29/08/1919
Rank at termination V.A.D. Nurse
Pay at termination £22.10.p.a.
Hours worked whole time
Commission St. John Reserve Detachment.
Duties V.A.D. Nurse at Bristol, transferred Salonika. April.1918.
Addtional information Purple Stamp: British Red Cross Society & Order of St. John. Joint War Committee, Leinster, Munster & Connaught.
British Red Cross
Record set British Army, British Red Cross Society Volunteers 1914-1918



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Cannot Thank You enough Mike! Amazing to see such details. 



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