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Document Grouping Lehrgeschwader 1

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I recently bought a nice album and document grouping to Erich Erbe who served with Lehrgeschwader 1. I am going to post his documents here and would appreciate your comments, especially as regards any help with the signatures.

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:Cat-Scratch: HOLY ... !!!!

Was this a STUKA unit???? Whatever they flew it must have been slow and low and it seems miraculous with this kind of Battle of Britain-Kreta-Tobruk- ??? flying that he survived this long-- and I wonder if he lived through the war?

Kastner-Kirdorf's scribble is distinctive, once you get used to his bizarre way of signing his name.

The bronze, silver, and gold flying clasps were signed by

Friedrich-Karl KNUST, Oberst 1.2.43 #65a

he got German Cross in Gold 25.1.42 as Major "commander of a Lehrgeschwader" and

Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross 3.5.42 as CO of KLG1

The EK1 was signed by GendFlieger Hans GEISLER (1891-1966) a Former Naval person. He got KCIC 4.5.40 and GCiG 9.11.42

Kesselring's telegram on the Honour Goblet is dated three days after the "official" date shown in the list, 9 November 1942.

What an amazing group! :jumping::jumping::jumping:

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