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    Austrian / Krakow / Owl Order Medal?


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    This one has me stumped. It appears to be of Austrian origin, pre WWI, however it is from the Austrian occupied part of Poland, Krakow (west Galicia). The maker is A. Schwerdt in Stuttgart who was a known maker of medals both officially and unofficially. The writing is in French.

    is this some order of the Owl? Order of the Grand Orient? 

    Here are some reference points I found that may be relatable:


    This is the closest other medal I could find but no information what it means:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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    Hi Uwe,

    Thanks for helping! I read the entire article, very 'interesting' group on people. I spent some time researching the various keywords and terms, but I'm unable to find any link this medal. It seems this article link is taken from a book but I can't figure out what that book is called. 

    You mention the medal is called, "Verdienstorden 1. Klasse", can you provide a link to this reference as well as it's not in the linked article?

    thanks again


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    the medal can be found in a special Schlaraffia internet web page about many thousand badges and decorations of the 260 Schlaraffen-Reyche. The page is protected by a password, and I don't have the allowance, to transfer the password. Sorry.

    By the way, it is the "Verdienstorden 2. Klasse", in silver; the 1. Klasse is in gold.


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    Thanks again Uwe, this has been incredibly helpful. A cold case mystery is being solved here :) 

    Can you direct me perhaps to the link and I can try and request to join and gain access to view the other medals and badges?

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    You can find there 32 badges (e.g. Ahne, Willkomm, Sanction) and decorations (e.g. Hausorden, Verdienstorden) of the disappeared Reych 183 Cracovia.

    Insert in google.com the two words schlaraffia cracovia, and you will find several hints, some of these badges and a "Hausorden, Komtur" Cracovia.

    Btw, and that is important for the Schlaraffen: the bird is not an owl (Eule), it is an eagle owl (Uhu).


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    Hi Speedytop, I'm unable to figure out your hints. I've opened up every link for several pages and I'm not finding this website with all the badges. Are you perhaps Schlaraffen?

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    No, I'm not a Schlaraffe, but I have hundreds of Schlaraffia badges and decorations in my collection, some award documents and 4 Schlaraffen-Pässe inclusive (please see the few examples).

    Once more: "The collection on the page is protected by a password"


    Schlaraffia Zusammenstellung.jpg

    Edited by speedytop
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    • 1 month later...


    The badge with the Arabic script is the Sarajevo 'branch/chapter' of Schlaraffia. 

    The Arabic reads, "This is the medal of our great Imam".

    The owl, a common symbol of Schlaraffia, badges supposedly signifies wisdom.

    I believe that Schlaraffia societies were/are great 'bon viveurs' and thus perhaps the owl should more properly link wisdom to refreshment - in vino veritas!


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