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  1. Graf, thanks, that's great info. I understand then as the focal point: "The Question is whether they were awarded as that or the crown was added later on by request of the owner of the medal to give more dramatic look." I will continue to search as I have become inadvertently committed: On topic of unique 1859 campaign medals, I purchased some medals practically sight unseen because the photos were so grainy (I thought they were going to send a loaf of bread). The price was so low, I just had to see what they were... and have these medals, I think are real, and with one having the most interesting engraving. See 3rd pic: I've spent the last couple days and can't come up with anything if this is a battle, a name (like French abbreviations, or English), a nearby town. There's an engravers line that runs straight under the letters touching the inner circle of the medal and it's very straight. This had to be done professionally. Have you seen this before?
  2. Something tangible: in 2019 this document was sold along a crowned medal that they are paired. Is there anything in this diploma that is different than a non crown medal? This also assumes the medal and document go together and not combined at a later time (there's not way to know this). But...if anyone has several of the medal documents, then with that familiarity perhaps there is something in this document to denote the crown or a special addition etc. https://www.barnebys.com/auctions/lot/france-medal-with-crown-and-diploma-napoleon-iii-campaign-of-italy-1859-kefep7awci
  3. Hey Graf, I never thought about someone putting the cloth in there recently! Ok, then my points 1, 2 4, 6 aren't really of much concern in the larger scope! So it's really an issue of determining if the crown was being placed on the medals in the 1860s, and I believe one of the smoking guns will be to find a picture of a French soldiers in the 1870s wearing it. And I think it's very possible to find this, considering how many photos were taken of old Waterloo veterans and their medals in the 1860-1880 like in the link below. Also considering photographs (or lithographs...whatever the tech was called back then) was all the new rage in France. Of the hundreds of thousands of French soldiers that served in Napoleon III wars, I'm confident there are pictures of them that exist, veterans posing in uniform with medals, (I just had this brilliant idea the other day so I've just now started looking). Basically it boils down to if these medals were made back then, then we will find pictures. Due to how many of these crowned medals are popping up, we must surely find pictures with this then. But this idea came from over the years I always see these Waterloo veterans (I use Waterloo as reference as I know more about this topic/medals and it's a good reference): https://www.pinterest.com/pin/233272455675390534/ alternately: Franco Prussian War Veterans: https://www.google.com/search?q=franco+prussian+war+veterans&client=safari&sxsrf=AOaemvLKUF43SMKZbh6DAnlI9rJldxUxPw:1634062257979&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi4nLWjvMXzAhVK6p4KHXPsBIoQ_AUoAXoECAEQAw&biw=1761&bih=970&dpr=2#imgrc=7UrOJvDciMlaeM Pictures of French Mexican War Veterans with medals: https://www.deviantart.com/luftschiffengel/art/French-Troops-in-Mexico-City-791435266 https://weaponsandwarfare.com/2016/05/07/the-army-of-napoleon-iii-part-i/
  4. Although a novice to this medal (but not medals overall), there are a few things that stand out: 1. Why is the Red cloth inside the crown so bright red and not faded like the red on the ribbon? Fading of color should match over time. 2. Why is the Red cloth inside shedding on the medal? The King of France surely would have medals created that do not soil the medal and uniform of his Cent Garde...either a different cloth or felt would be used. That shedding appears to be that of cut ends that fray or just a piece of felt. I would like to see that under a UV light if it glows or not. 3. The crown is much darker then the medal, would they not have a similar color appearance after 150 years aging? 4. The crown still has some tiny pieces of green enamel jewelry on it when you zoom in, so after 150 years all the jewels have worn off but the cloth inside is again....bright red. 5. How difficult/expensive is it for a modern jeweler to attach an old beat up crown they have lying around to this campaign medal and now increase price by 4x? 6. Shouldn't you find a lot of red fibers from the crown also inside the box like you do on the medal? These are all theories and thoughts, genuinely curious. #7 - last theory that I keep coming back to: there were just a lot of French monarchists in the military and this was a way to show their support for the Napoleons but having their medals customized by a local jeweler. Which might explain why we see so many of them (and maybe not a modern fakes). I have been searching for photos in the 1860/1870 of French war veterans or Cent Garde posing with their medals to find one with a crowned campaign medal. It should be easy as by this time we find photos of soldiers that fought at Waterloo posing with medals, it was all the new rage at the time with the new photo technology.
  5. Hi BlackCowBoy, Yes the Brunswick Waterloo medals, I'm looking for an online resource that contains the full medal roll. Like the English Waterloo medal the rolls and other information is digitized and easily available online, I am unable to find any such resource for Brunswick. In 2012 member Nunquam retrorsum stated he had the rolls and they were working on publishing a book but he has gone completely silent despite all the interest shown. I understand I can write for each medal to the state archive, but want access to the full roll for my own research purposes. I have not even found any partial type rolls. thnx
  6. This just popped up on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/114902813427
  7. I've been trying to find if there are rolls for the Brunswick medals. Are these the rolls you are referring to? Where can I find them? Thanks
  8. The ribbons are amazing, especially the blue rose shaped one. Was that custom or also allowed for official wear? I've been hesitant to pick these medals up as I don't know if there are issues with fakes/copies on the market?
  9. I've been fascinated with these medals and see quite a few of the Mexico ones available. How does one tell if they are fakes or real? Or are they even making fakes of these (yet)? thanks
  10. I'll make another post to make up for lost time. My medal #6 is (probably) not Kuchkin but rather a Private issue, note #10 in this link: http://medalirus.ru/georgievskie-kresty/gk-chastnye-vsadnik-5-12.php Question is, who are these private makers and why were they reversing St. George on the front? Was it a mistake or an actual reason (maybe not to confuse with an official award, these were replacement copies or something?).
  11. @JapanX I debated waiting another 6 years before thanking you as well lol. How can I find more information on the Russian soldier Zajaz? I tried using the following two links but he doesn't seem to come up. Fascinating where the 32A was when he earned the 3rd class. https://gwar.mil.ru/heroes/ https://1914.svrt.ru @paul wood I agree, I've had the medals since the early 90s so that helps a bit in terms of progeny (there were less fakes then) and picked up from various dealers at shows in the midwest at that time. What references (books etc) do you recommend to help educate me on real/fake St. George Crosses?
  12. Bringing up my own old thread! Thanks Igor and others for all the info provided before, I still own these medals, and as more info has come out learned a great deal about the Meybauer version. However, I still don't know enough about real St George Crosses to know if #2 and #3 in the pics above is real or fake and would appreciate input from the group.
  13. Awesome info. @Jef thanks for the pic, super helpful! I tried searching for the book you suggested and cannot find one by that title by Guy Deploige, (there are three he has published and none match). Can you suggest where it might be? I did however before you suggested purchased 'The Spirit of Belgium: Orders of Belgium' by Anttii Ruokonen. How do the two works compare?
  14. That link is a start but it's missing some monograms. For instance the medal I have has a monogram that looks similar to the Leopold I but mine has a Roman numeral I in the center of the monogram whereas the Leopold I does not.
  15. On the back of the Belgian medals like the Order of Leopold is the signature/emblam of the reigning monarch, but I'm unable to figure out which monarch used which signature and hence I can't figure out which era the medal is in. (I presume there must be 5-6 eras because that is how many Belgian Monarchs there are, so there must be 5-6 different types of signature...is that right?). Is there a side by side picture chart of the various Belgian monarchs and what that looks like on these medals? Thanks!
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