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  1. Hey Uwe, thanks. I found the link and now understand.
  2. Hi Speedytop, I'm unable to figure out your hints. I've opened up every link for several pages and I'm not finding this website with all the badges. Are you perhaps Schlaraffen?
  3. Thanks again Uwe, this has been incredibly helpful. A cold case mystery is being solved here Can you direct me perhaps to the link and I can try and request to join and gain access to view the other medals and badges?
  4. Hi Uwe, Thanks for helping! I read the entire article, very 'interesting' group on people. I spent some time researching the various keywords and terms, but I'm unable to find any link this medal. It seems this article link is taken from a book but I can't figure out what that book is called. You mention the medal is called, "Verdienstorden 1. Klasse", can you provide a link to this reference as well as it's not in the linked article? thanks again
  5. This one has me stumped. It appears to be of Austrian origin, pre WWI, however it is from the Austrian occupied part of Poland, Krakow (west Galicia). The maker is A. Schwerdt in Stuttgart who was a known maker of medals both officially and unofficially. The writing is in French. is this some order of the Owl? Order of the Grand Orient? Here are some reference points I found that may be relatable: https://www.ebay.ie/itm/STUTTGART-Werbung-1912-Ad-Schwerdt-Metallwaren-Fabrik-/163796555647?hash=item262309177f This is the closest other medal I could find but no information wh
  6. Thanks Alex, this is very interesting. Any thoughts on where or who issued this?
  7. I believe this is a Russian Orthodox religious or friendship medal commemorating the appointing of the Metropolis in 1649 in Russia. But since I cannot read/write cyrillic I'm stumped as to what it is. There's an American flag in there and looks like a Russian one as well. Anyone can help decipher it? Thanks in advance.
  8. I've been unable to find who issued this or what groups/people received them. I have found one picture of this but in silver online but with no information. This is all I could find but it doesn't say much: https://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/38546.html Anyone have some info on this? Thanks in advance.
  9. I've noted the screwed in flames has been mentioned in this thread before but I am unable to find any pictures of how to tell the difference between screwed in and non screwed in. Using the side pic of mine, how does one tell the difference?
  10. Ok, now I understand. You would know the the medal class based on unit position then rank. In the military this is not so much a problem to remember as they beat the ranks into you during initial training so you will always remember. Is my assessment correct then that this is a Lesser, possibly 1917 or later model? (I'm basing it on the Lion not being gold but rather gilt).
  11. Cześć! I was able to translate it and determined it's possibly Italian as you've noted but I've searched this translation and was not able to come up with anything, either using the Italian or English version. thanks
  12. Hi Laurentius, So how would one know, back in the day, when coming up on an officer what he was awarded? For instance, imagine a bunch of officers standing around having a chat in dress uniform, one would not walk up and eyeball how the flames are screwed in to see if this gent was awarded a 3rd or 4th class. Is there any other way to identify this? Seems incredibly complicated to understand even if one was in the Bavarian Army lol. thanks!
  13. Hello, I've had this for years and could never figure out what for (and now how I even got it lol). It's blue enamel, and the inscription is: "guardate alto edificatevi" which I believe is Italian and not Latin. There are no other markings on the medal, and does not appear to be silver. Probably some kind of Catholic religious thing. If there's another forum or website that can be recommended to look I'd appreciate any advise. Thanks
  14. I'd like to showcase this MVO I've had for many years. After reading this thread, I believe it is a Leser, 1917 era. It has 950 on the cross body, and 900 on the swords and ribbon ring. However, I am still unable to figure out what makes a 3rd class vs. 4th class. I see 3rd class medals with the same 950/900 markings on them. Would the collective experts be so kind as to help me out?
  15. Hi Igor! I've read your other very helpful posts on St. George Cross, thanks for responding. Can you elaborate on # 4 and 6 please? I don't understand who/how Paul Meybauer made these 20 years ago. Also for #6 I don't see a cross reference to the link you sent. (Not sure why my St George is facing the wrong way). Is this unique, rare? Can you offer some details, I've spent the last 45 minutes googling what you provided but nothing comes up. Any thoughts on the time period for # 2 and 3? thanks!
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