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Unknown Class of the Ehrenzeichen des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes

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Hello, I don't know if there are any experts on the Ehrenzeichen des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes on this forum, but I will try anyways.

I hoped someone might be able to help my two colleagues and me with this dilemma.

On the first photo below you can see the ribbon bar of Admiralarzt Dr.med. Hugo Caanitz. The two colleagues and me both agreed the last ribbon is the Ehrenzeichen des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes. However, we can't agree on the Class. I know it's hard to determine the Class just from the ribbon, but perhaps someone will have an idea.

The 1st colleague colleague thinks the Class is 1. Klasse.

The 2nd colleague also thinks it's the 1. Klasse. His explanation: "I see your dilemma with the class, but I would be inclined to opt for the first class, given his rank. 2nd class would be too low for a Konteradmiral- of course, you need to work out what rank he was when awarded the Red Cross. Note too, the pin-back can be represented on the ribbon bar as well as the first class, etc. But I see from the photo he is not wearing the pin back." Unfortunately we don't know what rank Caanitz was when he was awarded the Ehrenzeichen des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes.

I think it's the 2. Klasse.

According to this article on the german wikipedia https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ehrenzeichen_des_Deutschen_Roten_Kreuzes, the 1. Klasse was worn around the neck. Caanitz isn't wearing the award around the neck, only on his ribbon bar.
On the other hand, the 2. Klasse was worn as a medal with the ribbon on the medal/ribbon bar. This would fit with Caanitz' case.
The Class between the 1. and 2. Klasse is the Verdienstkreuz, which was worn as a pinback cross next to other badges. As you can see on the photo, Caanitz is not wearing the Verdienstkreuz on his uniform.

That's why our dilemma is between the 1. and 2. Klasse.

I think it's the 2. Klasse simply because the 1. Klasse seems to be too high for someone of Caanitz's rank (Admiralarzt=Konteradmiral). Some time ago, the 1st colleague and me determined that Alfred Fikentscher (at that time most likely Admiralstabsarzt=Vizeadmiral) was wearing the Verdienstkreuz des Ehrenzeichens des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes, based on one photo from "alamy" where he was wearing the pinback cross next to his EK 1. That class (Verdienstkreuz) is lower than the 1. Klasse, so that's why I think the 2. Klasse makes most sense for Caanitz, based on his rank. My point is, Fikentscher at that time was one of the more senior Medical officers of the Kriegsmarine, and even he wasn't yet awarded the 1. Klasse, so why would Caanitz have been awarded such a high Class as an Admiralarzt, rank lower than Fikentscher's.

If anyone can help with this I would be very grateful.

On the second photo below you can see the table of the Classes of the Ehrenzeichen des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes. In my opinion the Grosskreuz class would include both the neck order and the star.




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Here's Konteradmiral Hugo Caanitz brief biographical data. As you can see he served quite a lot in the Baltic area, it is possible that he could receive an order of a bordering country on the Baltic sea. Usually after the long service awards predominantly foreign awards were put on the ribbon bar. But it could be also possible that he wore his DRK award in the last position on his ribbon bar. Strange nevertheless...

I post also a picture of him discussed in another thread on the WAF (see below).



PS: I sincerely hope that the owner of this picture hasn't anything against for me posting it.


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