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I just purchased a Bavarian Picklehaube with silver fittings, could be pionier, could also be Leib Regiment...

Unfortunately the unit stamp was scraped away and a difficult to read name was written in its place... with much magnifying I see it says "Augustine Franz Fr Brück" which I assume "Augustine Franz Freiherr von Brück".

It is an other ranks Haube, A prewar one.

Now... I find a Oberleutnant August Freiherr von Brück in Leib Regiment up until 1900 at least....

And this guy...

Diplomat *7.8.1859 München †8.9.1941 Kirchdorf am Haunpold

seit 1881 im bayer. Justizdienst

1884 kgl. bayer. Kammerjunker

1885 Einberufung in den Auswärtigen Dienst (konsularische Laufbahn)

1887–1897 an versch. Vertretungen in Sofia, Nizza, Warschau Kowno und Casablanca

1893 Kgl. bayer. Kämmerer

1897–1914 Konsul in Riga, Havana, Valparaíso, La Paz und Warschau

1915–1916 Vertreter des AA beim Generalgouverneur für Polen

1918–1920 Gesandter in Helsingfors

1920 Versetzung in den einstweiligen Ruhestand


Augustine Franz seems not to have served in the war.... which is not unknown for somel men who did their military service before the war.

Would a logical conclusion be that he had did his military service in 1900s, as a one year volunteer or something along those lines, but never served in the war, so no records on ancestry?




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