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Char. Konteradmiral Curt Kalau vom Hofe

Kriegsmarine Admiral

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As you can see by the uniform he is wearing, he served in the Ottoman Navy. To be more precise, he was in Ottoman service from 1892 until 1903, and he reached the rank of Vice Admiral (Ferik Amiral) in the Ottoman Navy. He was a Naval Advisor and Wing Adjutant to Sultan Abdul Hamid II, an Association Leader and served as Ottoman Fleet Chief during the war with Greece in 1896/97.

Before the Ottoman service he was in the Kaiserliche Marine. He left the Kaiserliche Marine on 17 May 1892. After that he was given the Char. of a Kapitän zur See in 1894 and the Char. of a Konteradmiral in 1901.

For more info about his awards see here: https://gmic.co.uk/topic/76318-awards-of-char-konteradmiral-curt-kalau-vom-hofe-help-needed/

95809164_649171195933271_7822672808084766720_n - Copy.jpg

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