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Sharing my Collection of Prussian and State Medals

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As a kid my dad and I played Red Baron on the computer and I dreamed of someday just seeing these medals in person. Now I collect them and teach world history to my own kid!  Sorry they aren't arranged in order of precedence.

From Left to Right

Hanseatic Cross - Lubeck       

Hanseatic Cross - Hamburg       

Iron Cross 2nd Class  Marked V

Iron Cross Ribbon with Cross device

Iron Cross 1st Class Marked KO

Black Wound Badge

Bavarian Merit Cross with Swords and Crown marked Weiss & Co

Honor Cross (Hindenburg cross) for Combatants Marked JK

Oldenburg Friedrich August Cross 2nd Class Early Iron Version

In future I hope to get the Hanseatic Bremen Cross, Wurttemburg Bravery Medal, the Bavarian Order of Military Merit Cross and the Order of Hohenzollern Cross. And of course a PLM but that's probably a pipe dream =D 

_MG_2651 - Version 2 (2).jpg

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Great start on a collection 👍

That Hamburg Hanseatic Cross was the first medal I ever bought... at a flea market wa-a-a-a-ay before the Internet was invented... 

Moved to other collecting pastures since, but sweet memories... 😋

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