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    III. AK Genkdo in Berlin

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    Looking for some help re the III. Armeekorps Generalkommando headquarters facility in Berlin.
    I understand that in the 1914 time frame, the building was located near Magdeburger Platz at the
    address: 2 Genthiner Str., and co-located with the Intendantur, as the below map shows:

    I've tried for 20 years to find an image of this building, no success... but then .... I found the below
    undated photo which is great. I'm very very happy .... There's always a however, though, and I think
    Genthiner Strasse is not really in Charlottenburg, as is labeled on the photo.

    So, wondering if the photo is indeed the Genthiner Str building??   Or, maybe another III.AK Genkdo facility
    that was actually in the Charlottenburg section??:


    GenKdo 3.AK.jpg

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    I checked the address of the GK in 1888, 1900, 1903, 1910. It was always at Genthinerstrasse 2, Berlin West.

    The picture was supposedly published in 1903. So Charlottenburg seems to be wrong. It is a bit more to the north-west of the Genthiner Strasse.



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    Tks GreyC!  I will assume then that the photo caption is correct, except for locating the building in (nearby) Charlottenburg.
    Such a nice building, seems there would be more published photos.
    Jon V

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    1914 the adress was the same. But the post code of Genthiner Str. was W35. That means Schönefeld


    The Nollendorf Platz was the south-east corner of Charlottenburg, Genthiner Str. was just a few footsteps away...

    It was exactly on the line Charlottenburg/Schönefeld





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