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    Heroes of 2020 Silver Coins

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    16 hours ago, VtwinVince said:

    'Hero', one of the most corrupted terms in the modern vocabulary, right up there with 'freedom'.

    I’m inclined to agree with you on these points!! 

    Still nice coins though, just a shame they aren’t official minted, with the Queen’s effigy on. 

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    14 hours ago, Simius Rex said:

    I notice that one of the coins is dedicated to the many people who diligently observed lockdown in Britain.  On the website, it says that Boris Johnson will be receiving coin number 2 in the series.  Isn't this the same blithering fool who bragged about shaking everybody's hands without a face mask even though several were infected with the virus, and that he was going to continue shaking everybody's hands because he didn't think Corona was "a big deal" ?  Didn't he end up almost dying in intensive care with COVID-19?  Just asking... Simi.      



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    I am not a coin collector so I may be showing my stupidity but are these really "coins"?  Aren't they privately-made, unofficial commemorative medals which in the end are only going to be worth their bullion value?  My dictionary defines "coin" aa "a flat piece of metal issued by governmental authority as money."  To use the term "coin" for the items illustrated above falsely implies that they are officially-authorized money, which is not the case, and may mislead uniformed collectors and members of the public to think that they are official items.  Let's call them what they are: privately produced bullion with a nice design to entice the public to purchase them, usually at prices well above their bullion value.  

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