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Portuguese WW1 Victory Medal

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I am looking at whether to get this medal, but not sure if  is real or copy. I have looked at previous posts on this subject but can't convince myself it is a real one. Thanks for help! I don't have pics of the edge, and other than 35 mm diametre, no other info. Ribbon either mint or replacement. If real, any ideas of what is a typical price range?.



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Looks a lot like the "Official Type 3" in James P. Michels Jr.'s book 'World War 1 Victory Medals'. 

Sorry, not the best of pictures:


Not sure what the price range for this one would be🤷‍♂️.

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Thanks for that Graham. I need to get a copy of that book. So have just ordered one. But will take a while to get here.  I have Laslo's book which is great, but the images are a limitation ( albeit mostly due to the age of its publication). David

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Hello David,

There are numerous close-up pics of official strikes for you to be able to make a direct comparison on the Portuguese Victory Medals sub-thread.

In regards a price range, that is a vexing question only limited by what the individual collector is willing to pay to obtain a piece.  Everyone's price range and limit will be different.

Welcome to the forum.


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Hi all,

I am back on the forum after a few years away. I wanted to do a reality check on some of my medals and check with the experts whether these are genuine or fakes (as I am suspicious about some of them). Please give me your thoughts:

Here then are three Portuguese victory medals  with the descriptions given them when I bought them (left to right):

Laslo official type 2

Laslo unofficial type 1 with narrow cylinder suspension

Laslo unofficial type 1 with wire suspension


Portugal obverse low.jpg

and here the reverse in the same order.


Portugal reverse low.jpg

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