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    Czechoslovakia Order of the White Lion Commander III Class Civil Division

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    Hello, I have an opportunity to buy a Czechoslovakia Order of the White Lion Commander III Class Civil Division Cross.  Based on the photos provided, I have several questions:

    1.       Is this an original?

    2.       Is this from the ČSR 1922-1961 period?

    3.       Based on the photos, any way of determining a more exact date?

    a.       First Czechoslovak Republic (1918–1938)

    b.      Second Czechoslovak Republic (1938–1939)

    c.       Czechoslovak government-in-exile (1939–1945)

    d.      Third Czechoslovak Republic (1945–1948)

    e.      Socialist Czechoslovakia (1948–1960)

              (I know the Statutes of the order were amended in 1924, 1930, and 1936.)

    4.       How many of these were issued in the Commander grade, Civil Class?

    5.       Approximately what is its value?

    Any information would be helpful.  I did not yet buy it, so I cannot provide more photos.

    Thank you.

    medal 1.jpg

    medal 2.jpg

    medal 3.jpg

    medal 4.jpg

    medal 5.jpg

    medal 6.jpg

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    Hi based on the images posted I would say original, as far as date goes a bit more difficult (for me) to be precise, I can say that the "Socialist" version had an uncrowned Lion of the obverse, so that may point you in the right direction, attached a scan of a book published in 1970 showing the "Socialist" version, no crowned lion, together with an image of mine, quite a nice decoration.


    Values difficult to determine but not cheap, in my opinion




    Alex K


    Whjte lion combined 2 copy.JPG

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    Looks like perfectly original pre-1960 Karnet Kysely, Prague, manufacture piece.  Examine for silver hallmark (900) and maker`s mark "KK", maybe on ribbon loop connecting ring; I see something there but can't make it out.  Value in eye of beholder; in 2017 a similar example sold at auction for 1700 euro plus commission & delivery  see  https://www.livebid.cz/auction/katz_10ea/search/order.   A damaged one sold there for about 1/2.  One sold at la Galerie Numismatique several years ago for somewhat more plus commission & delivery.

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    A random  check on dealer back catalogues show numerous variation in prices, emedals, Canada, one cased 3rd class civil, hammer price 3000usd, 3rd class civil, no case, 2500 usd, spink, (London?) military, 900gbp, +tax+buyers commission so they vary, I believe the socialist ones are actually harder to find

    Edited by Alex K
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