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    Soviet Lancers

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    I shared this photo years ago.  Today I enhanced it with Luminar 4 and this is the way it looks now.

    It was in a box of old photos I bought at the Dry Bridge Flea Market.  I didn't expect to find anything good but I came across this.  Enjoy taking a good close look.  It's very fragile but now it's saved forever.  I think the staff fourth from the right may be aa guidon but that's only a guess.

    Soviet Lancers.jpeg

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    First time I see a picture of Soviet Lancers .but they are Soviet indeed . Budionovkas and light blue breast fogging. In the Russian manner not all men carry a lance . only the first line in attack formation. Twelve lancers in a Platoon of thirty six 

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    I was really really surprised to discover this photo in that old box of photos and clippings.  I almost threw it all away as a dumb purchase.  No one I know has ever seen anything like it.  Thank you for the very interesting context information. 

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