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    German Helmet - Spanish Civil War?

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    Hello.  I am looking at a German helmet which the owner claims it is from the Spanish Civil War.  How can I verify?

    As you look at the  photos, look at the under visor - there is some interesting letters/words painted there.  Do you recognize this?

    Also, what helmet model is this?

    All input is welcome.  Thanks.  Linas

    span helm 1.JPG

    span helm 2.JPG

    span helm 3.JPG

    span helm 4.JPG

    span helm 5.JPG

    span helm 6.JPG

    span helm 7.JPG

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    Spanish helmet modelled in the German M 1935 and denominated M42 .it was used until 1990 in certain units ,It was manufactured in the Fabrica de Armas  De Trubia , also is known as Z helmet . disctintive of the Z is the steel loop on the frontal destinated to hold in parade the Army Shield ,a St John eagle

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    5 hours ago, Linasl said:

    Thanks for the info Bayern.  Any idea when it started being produced?



    This link will give you a little more info on the helmet.  Also, a picture with the parade emblem in place.  The helmet that you posted pictures of is in poor condition.  These helmets are not hard to find in very good condition and are not expensive.




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