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Nepal-Assam Burma 1945 medal

Shots Dave

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Hi Gents

I have recently acquired this Nepalese Assam-Burma Medal which I believe was awarded for WW2 service in this theatre of war. I can find very little information on this award and have seen examples presented with both sides of the medal treated as the obverse. I think the ribbon on this example may be back to front as it would make sense to me that the side with the Kukri is the actual obverse, as the bravery medal issued in the same time also has the same image of the Nepalese flag on one side. Any information anyone can share would be much appreciated.



Nepal-Assam-Burma War Commemorative  Medal 1944-45(2)-O-D75.JPG

Nepal-Assam-Burma War Commemorative  Medal 1944-45(2)-R.JPG

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Hello Gentlemen,


Here is a group that was issued to Captain Chandra Singh Gurung from Nepalese Contingent during WWII.


Nepal supplied 8000 troops to India ( British India on that time ).


Often this medal, when found as single, got a kind of "replacement ribbon" , I mean these replacement ribbon were made in Nepal too, but due to clothing difference, I assume after the war.


I've been myself to Kathmandu in Feb 2006, very nice and authentic area, and still on that time, amazing museum. But I did not found good medal there, maybe not enough time.





Nepal assam Burma War Medal Group obverse.JPG

Nepal Assam Burma War Medal Group reverse.JPG

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