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    Bayern MVK 1st Class with Crown for Review

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    Hello Eric,
    I'm sorry, this is not an original. Originals were only made by Leser and 
    Hemmerle and they are all very early productions of excellent quality. The 
    front medallions were always made of gold, 3-part at Hemmerle, 1-part at Leser.
    Your piece is from the 
    manufacturer Weiss and was subsequently upgraded.
    A total of 146 pieces were awarded, of which 138 were on war merit ribbon 
    and 8 on war ribbon. 
    MVKs 1st class with crown and swords have been imitated for many decades to 
    the detriment of collectors. Loaned originals must always look like the 
    pictures below.
    First a peace by Hemmerle, next from Leser, finally, a detailed 
    picture of the Leser-cross where you can see the excellent quality 
    of the enamelled gold medallions.

    Many Greetings from Bavaria



    MVK 1 Kr X Hemmerle und Leser VS u RS.jpg

    MVK 1KrX Leser VS u RS k.jpg

    MVK 1 Kr X 004.JPG

    Edited by waldo
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    11 hours ago, ERIC LIN said:

    Dear all

    Here I got one MVK 1st Class with Crown in gold color for your Review.

    not sure if the color and details looks ok? All comments are very welcome,

    thank you






    Walter is 100 % right.
    You've got a fake.
    Your first class with swords from Leser is also not a original. Compare the letters of the medaillons to the cross from Walter . The cypher "L" won't be made of gold.
    This classes of MVK are often faked.
    Regards Andreas

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