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    Sultan of Johor awards Covid Medal


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    22 hours ago, heusy68 said:

    Hello Gentlemen,

    Here with obverse and reverse.

    Thanks to Bigjarofwasps to have catch this new medal first.



    Malaysia Johor Pingat Jasa Dikenang for Covid 19 Medal for Fight Covid 19.jpg.png

    I think I’m right in thinking that this is the first official Covid Medal to be awarded worldwide. I remember earlier in the year reading that India were going to issue one to their police officers, but haven’t heard anything since. Mention was also made that the UK might have one along the same lines as the Ebola one of a few years back, but never heard anything more. The US are awarding a medal that they’ve already got, but just including service during the pandemic into the criteria. 

    India Medal



    US medal




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    Hello Gentlemen,

    Hello bigjarofwasps,

    Actually Spain had already issued, and manufactured, at least by one of their manufacturer, the Medal Opercacion Balmis, for members of the Police Force, Guardia Civil, Army involved in securing public order operation around the pandemic. What I do not know, if, the Balmis Operacion is also to be awarded to nurses, doctors, and healthcare workers. Antonio Prieto, on GMIC did a post concerning this medal, about a month ago.

    Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan have also issued, or at least have shown drawing of award that will be issued to Frontliners (nurse, doctors, health care workers, and likely members of the security forces ). The medal with small rectangular bleu ribbon adorned with a golden symbol & a heart in its obverse center being the one of Kazakhstan ( Medal of Gratitude ), and the one with pentagonal style ribbon being the one of Uzbekistan ( Mehr Sakhovat ).

    Antonio did also a post about the Kazakhstan Medal, which he mis-identified for being the one of Uzbekistan.

    Regards to all.


    Espagne Medal Operation Balmis against Coronavirus obverse.png

    Espagne Medal Operation Balmis against Coronavirus reverse.png

    Kazakhstan People's Gratitude Medal for Fighting Coronavirus.jpg

    Uzbekistan Mehr Sakhovat Medal.jpg

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    Also I known any from Russia and other from Ukraine

    The spanish medal is only for the Armed Forces members, not Police or Guardia Civil


    Ukrainian international medal award"COVID-19 - for honorary service" wolrd fight with coronavirus

     Russian medical medal award"For their selfless fight against with coronavirus COVID-19"



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    Many thanks chaps, I stand corrected.

    How very interesting!!

    As a side note, curious how the Russian and Ukrainian medals are in English? 

    Found these as well, not sure if there official or just purposed awards? 

    Top one is from Spain, bottom one unsurprisingly is from Australia.



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    19 hours ago, Antonio Prieto said:
    Perhaps it would be convenient to change the title if at the end we are going to include the medals related to COVID-19 and not only the one from Johore


    I agree this thread, seems to be running away from itself.

    Will start a new one.....



    Edited by bigjarofwasps
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