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    Mystery Bavarian Private... what could he be?

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    9 hours ago, Bayern said:

    A Bavarian Machine Gunner of a Mountain Infantry bataillon ?

    That is indeed possible, or a Sturmbataillon, or one of the regiments in the Vogesen.

    The things that are tad unusual...

    The Carbine I have seldom seen with the 3 piece ammo pouches.

    The classic MG guy has a pistol and maybe binos but not ammo pouches and a carbine

    I am thinking that this is a MG hanger-on ... one of the guys who carries the ammo... OR... the short spade was also issued to other folks.

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    Hello Chris , for more difficult the Carbine is not a 98 AZ , I dont see the L shaped stocking rod of these weapon . the Carbine on the photo appears as with a Infantry Rifle type bayonet Atachment and a brass muzzle cover. but the man is not a current musketier or fusilier etc . he carries only two Ammo pouches on a side and another on the left . No spurs , A interesting detail are the Knee Leather patches , i one amplify the pic they are visible as more glossy than the rest of the trousers

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    Hi, I compared it to my 98AZ, it is indeed one of them with the cap on the end. ammo puches are definately a 3 set, just hard to see at that angle, you can see the Tornister clipped into the D-ring on the middle pouch. The knee patches are pretty nice, some folks believe these are only Sturmtrupp, but mountain troops etc also had them

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