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    unknown japanese documents


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    Good morning everyone,

    I have these three documents in my collection and I have no idea of what they are ! I need your help for identifying them.... if possible.!


    Documents without watermark so I don’t think they are very important or interesting ???


    Thanks for your opinion






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    Rough translation from google translate ,

    First document 


    The eighth porridge graduated Shen Chengpeng, the civilian man, the fireman, and the fujishi." The Meiji year of the year, Fang Kamotsuying, high science, graduate school, four years, February day, Meiji tenth year, セシコトヲ


    Second .

    L-----Ping Cheng Yi Fang; present inch for casting, should be able to read the landscape painting Li Ba's Junluo 5 3;: Wearing the middle guardian class sacrificial set, Zhangqing;;入| F  And, it’s more than a handbag,-Wuming people*Qiao Daquan...Shui, Xia Yu: Fu Li Li cast m: Shi Zai Zhi Shang Ji; Dian Jian, Lie" or death wind and snow factor: Thousand Pictures Two Articles 24 My Wei  :Previous, Father-Hundreds of Machines, Enshrined in Six Dead Relatives + Down Currency y Foot Guting Shiguang 3 Miles to Make Heaven  Wen *hui Ji Dang than "sound;} half middle) + + Lu Tiao and Sanqi Chu Yerenhuang, pierced 1 Asian Maojun Guanbei single word ten thousand people arrive in a single month: = fireworks prestige: v water me  The middle class has been holding interest for a long time, so it will not go forward? F, Lie, and other Ai Ning generals who drive to join the army are jailed + y?} It’s a lonely day for Li Zhenguo for the enemy volcano, land, and  Future Military Sacrifice Coins Review Xin: People Become British|Huamin Money:: *Tuanming, I am one from one: There are many famous countries, and the fear of the family +'behavior will govern: Chen t Zhongke Yiguanghui or wet  Su: + + Yu Fang’s brigade called the school worker; [Wang Wang? Ziyi "... Array" Baoyue Ken head; I T + stationmaster.  7 Yingli, rear; i front]: h Yanyu, Nanbi Shiqi = ""2|Fifth Pregnancy and 1st Division, National Dashu Prince Zairen-Shimao-PE 3"


    third .

    "Previously, I will be paid for the gold to receive a request from the mother, Gao Yiyin one card one day" refers to pushing her back to Tianjin one by one-there is past one year in the first Zhongri Temple E = Cha.  More than ten savages are all in the 13th body and year. This single golden year and one gold early month gold = Nianwei and Nayoupo high gold one day, new pass account, two-line Vietnamese system 1. 野良でFonggong storage wing praise|| 4.  war.  | |The Deserted Island Village Agriculture Association TD% bullies the high gold deposits through the account Shantou


    forth .

    Ki "search" seal >> 预 You should deposit more than one bite of desk money 1. Make a donation and send cash to the sea. The union should get the amount directly and fill in the money column.  You should search for the travel stamp on the board and return the passbook. 3. When withdrawing the deposit, enter the common height in the return column of this passbook and withdraw the red stamp under the hall stamp column.  In the union where you should bring your own seal by stamping the seal (the northern seal is handed over to the group bath), it is a question of whether or not you are the person himself.  If you hand over the cash together, the union should leave this book to the actual cost even if it is possible to steal this book. "4, The end of the month  14th, North. "Year of the Year of the Religion" Depositary Gold High Rebellion Master Deduction High High 1111 Ship "Nori Shigoe Army Showa Akira A Monthly Gold First Department Package Year Corporate Gold 14.  Friday and Sunday) One money and many measures; for walking 3  Kin-gai-gai Nikko-wasaku-muro Those who have gold deposits are requested to have incorporated it with the expiration date.  Unable to do 9 Shadows KARY, K, 1 OIN Shipboard Xi Xi; Kun Yi Xi Xi->> Middle 4 at} Mahakami sch E Aggy Ji Nishi Nishigami RIYA sales plall.  the at I Do you want to be thrilled in Germany even in the sash year?

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    thank you very much for your answer and for this help....

    unfortunately this "raw" translation always remains a little bit obscure.

    But this allows despite everything, to see that these documents are of civil nature.



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