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    Roter Adler-Orden of Vizeadmiral Wilhelm Schröder

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    I have a question very similar to the one I asked about the Roter Adler-Orden of Char. Vizeadmiral Hugo von Schuckmann. See here: https://gmic.co.uk/topic/77147-roter-adler-orden-of-char-vizeadmiral-hugo-von-schuckmann/


    Vizeadmiral Wilhelm Schröder was awarded the RAO2mE on 08 August 1889. The Seeoffiziere Gesamtliste, just like in Schuckmann's case, lists the KO2mSt twice (see the photo below). I believe the first date (11 January 1892) is the date of him being awarded the Stern to the Kronen-Orden 2. Klasse.

    The second date (17 January 1892) should then be the award date of the Stern to his RAO2mE. Schröder is not listed in the oldest Rangliste I have (1894), because he retired on 6 November 1893.

    If anyone has the 1893 Rangliste, could you please look up Vizeadmiral Schröder and see if he was awarded the Stern to his RAO2mE.



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    I guess he then wasn't awarded the Stern to his RAO2mE. And the two dates listed for his KO2mSt both refer to the KO2. But only one date can be correct.

    I just found the PDF of the Deutscher Ordens-Almanach 1904/05 you used for Hugo von Schuckmann.

    Here, Schröder also doesn't have the Stern to his RAO2mE.


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