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    Iraq - Saddam's Medals for sale on E-Bay


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    See link below. The medals bar may or may not be genuine, but the Order of the Rafidain is not original - see image below. In official photographs of Saddam wearing his awards he has the sash of the military division and the breast star is a high quality European made breast star - probably Bertrand of Paris, The Order on the E-bay sale is a locally cast post Gulf War issue, the sash badge is civil, and the sash is a 'home made' military issue.

    It is now at over £8,000! Caveat emptor!




    Saddam Awards A.jpg

    saddam_hussein__field_marshal_of_the_iraqi_army_by_pathtoenlighten_d97wke2-fullview (1).jpg

    PS The peace with the Kurds medal ribbon - third from right, appears to have a different placement - more yellow is visible on the E-Bay group than on the original. Owain

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    "Please be aware that Captain Hogspear's warehouse and stock can have a country-house aroma"

    Geez.. this lot smells of manure, but it's not because of the country house... ?

    Note how the link to Reuters that should prove the provenance neither contains any photos nor any real description of the medals.

    Around the same time (2007) another lot of 'Saddam's medals" was for sale (by his chauffeur, I believe). Among them a knight cross of Danish Order of Dannebrog. Apart from the fact that Saddam was never awarded any class of Dannebrog, there is no chance that any head of state would be awarded the knight class.

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