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    A Jäger in the Barracks....

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    Here is my corner of the den to display Blue tunics.... A Bavarian Jäger Private from Aschaffenburghock3.thumb.jpg.14a0f5820030b52064bd243e4b59c64b.jpghock4.thumb.jpg.3b60c736b42ae99f4cbd961624ffaf73.jpghock2.thumb.jpg.07a107d693f1348c9bd786100a55f433.jpghock1.thumb.jpg.873fad6fe8b20648a35cd71a83b0f570.jpg, one pic has a large photo of a prewar Regt commander... the other a 1916 painting by an artist named Adalbert Hock... who had been a Jäger in Aschaffenburg decades before... you can see him in the black and white photo....

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    10 hours ago, Chris Boonzaier said:

    aaaahhhh... it is way easier than it seems.... we got rid of two old wardrobes... each had a thin sheet of wood as a back wall... I varnished one, painted the other, got the fancy strip of wood in the middle from a home depot... and there is the background....

    Well, it works, so well done!


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