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    Asking for help from my friend..:-)


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    Hello! A close friend of mine asks for help, he bought the Order of the Sacred Treasure of the 3rd class, he looks like that, he cannot take a good photo of the punk (supposedly Namikawa, but he did it with a smartphone). In my opinion there is something wrong with this order and it is either very worn, or it is not necessarily the original. My knowledge is too small to be appreciated, so I present it to professionals ? asking for help.

    Thanks !!






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    Pretty early badge from Meiji/early Taisho epoch.

    The case, the ribbon and the rosette came from the different (much later) epoch.

    Put together set.

    32 minutes ago, PREM said:

    ... he cannot take a good photo of the punk (supposedly Namikawa, but he did it with a smartphone).

    Looks like the badge is marked with mark.

    The correct case (and ribbon) for such order should look like this.

    s-l1600 (5).jpg

    s-l1600 (6).jpg

    picture (1).jpg

    picture (2).jpg

    picture (8).jpg


    Życzę powodzenia,


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