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    High Seas Fleet badge pricing 20 years on

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    Sorry to bring up the subject of pricing, however 20 years ago I bought the badge shown below for 500 euro.  As it has sat in a draw for since the day it arrived & is no longer in my area of interest I thought that I may as well find it a new home.


    On searching my usual "go to" dealers to try get an idea on current pricing I found that none of them had one in stock.  So had to offer it blind & have been offered around 600e to 650e for the badge.   Can someone please tell me if I over paid for the piece 20 years ago or has the prices not moved much in that time?  Or am I being taken for a ride....


    Thanks for any opinions




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    Thank you for your replies.  I really haven't kept up with how prices have moved beit up or down as I very rarely part with anything in my collection.  When I decided to part with a few pieces that were no longer in my area of interest I was taken aback when I was offered a couple of thousand for my Cholm Shield that cost a similar amount to the HSF badge all those years ago & then that the HSF hadn't really changed.  I guess that some items increase in interest & therefore value while others do not.


    Thank you again ?


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    I think 650 euro is a decent price.

    Just looked at a couple of examples for sale on a friends' Canadian website.

    Both are in similar condition to the one above and are selling for 595-655 USD.

    he had another nice boxed example that was going for 1190.00 USD.




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